Bathurst Silviculture Pty Ltd


Bathurst Silviculture provide a range of services to the forestry, farming and horticulture industries. No job is too big or too small. Please contact us if you are unsure or require advice on large or small scale plantings or management.

Tree Planting

  • contract planting services from small environmental plantings to large forestry plantations
  • all types (species) of trees planted
  • commercial, farm or government contracts

Holding Nursery

  • field nursery service for stock awaiting planting

Weed Control

  • boom spraying
  • knapsack spraying
  • farm blocks
  • post-planting weed control

Chainsaw Work

  • trimming, felling, tree-loping
  • non-commercial thinning
  • all operators accredited


  • tree lines
  • wind breaks
  • erosion control

Age Class Creation

  • regrowth management
  • selective thinning

Inventory Work

  • stocking plots
  • basal area measurement
  • all inventory work


  • manual hand fertilising
  • large area fertilising

Forestry Stand Management

  • all aspects related to the care and operation of forestry plantations

Fire Fighting Duties

  • all vehicles equipped with fire-fighting units

Site Rehabilitation

  • mines
  • quarries
  • environmentally sensitive areas


Pine Plantations

Native Species

Farm Planting

Weed Control